MamaConnects is a real celebration of motherhood!

Since 2012, MamaCon has created unique, vibrant, dynamic events for mamas needing some serious time to recharge and reinvest in themselves and their families. MamaCon events bundle encouragement, education and inspiration together to provide mamas with powerful strategies for successful living. Over 1000 mamas have attended our events and discovered new tips and techniques that have positively impacted their lives! One of those women credits MamaCon for saving her life.

At the very first MamaCon event in 2012, one woman sat in the back, hoping to stay invisible. She arrived in the morning feeling like a total failure for her three beautiful kids because in 2006, she had suffered an unexpected brain crash and her doctors gave her 5 years to live. (You can hear more about that story on Episode 1 of the MamaConnects Podcast) During MamaCon, she sat with 100 mamas and spent the day laughing and sharing, sometimes through waves of tears, strengthening the bonds of this sisterhood. For the first time, she witnessed the struggle of other mothers and realized she wasn’t alone!

That woman was Leanne Kabat and right after that first event, Leanne asked to join the team. Co-founders Amy Lang and Kim Estes invited her in and together they passionately created this magical getaway for mamas every spring. When Amy and Kim decided to step back from MamaConnects in 2016, Leanne jumped at the chance to continue MamaCon’s mission to nourish the mama while nurturing the woman.

In 2018, Leanne realized that there was a little something missing and she created a company called MamaConnects to really speak to her passion of bringing women together to celebrate and support each other on their motherhood journey. MamaConnects will continue to inspire, empower and rejuvenate mamas by providing top-notch parenting and self-development, education, inspiration, self-care strategies, relationship support, and the love of a community to help every mama through the ups, downs, and all-arounds of life.

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