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022 – 5S: Conflict

Conflict can help bring issues to the surface so they can be handled respectfully, if you know how to navigate conflict in a healthy way. Listen in for tips on how to reduce the intensity of conflict in your family.

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021 – Sibling Rivalry

Any family with 2 or more children has had more than its fair share of sibling rivalry. Listen in to hear the real truth behind the drama.

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020 – 5S: Family Meetings

Take away the confusion and ambiguity by learning how to harness the power of the Family Meeting and transform your family in one night!

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019 – 5 Seasons: Morning and evening routines

Families who stay in Summer with their children have learned to master their mornings, and their evenings too! Listen in to learn why routines are so powerful and what you can do to help your kids be successful every day.

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018 – 5 Seasons: Seasonal Transition

It is the time of the year when we move from the long, free days of summer to the hurried ways of fall in real life, but in the 5 Seasons of Connection, you can stay in your emotional Summer a lot longer! Tune in to learn how!

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017 – 5 Seasons: Love Languages

Thanks to the ground-breaking work of Dr. Gary Chapman, we will explore the five love languages he identified and use that as a foundation to reach our kids using the language they speak and understand.

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016 – 5 Seasons: Temperament

If you have ever said you have an easy baby or an intense child, you will want to listen to this episode about your child’s temperament because it plays a bigger role than you might have expected in your interactions.

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015 – 5 Seasons: Family Values

Once you have created your Personal Core Value list, it’s critical to integrate them with your partner so that you can lead your family in a unified, cohesive manner. The tool we use to do this is the Family Value List exercise explained in this episode.

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014 – 5 Seasons: Core Values

In this episode, I talk about Core Values as a strategy to build awareness about who you are and what are the deeply held beliefs that guide your life.

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012 – 5 Seasons: Fall

In this episode, we explore the season of Fall and the ways we can slip out of Summer and into Fall with our children.

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The 5 Seasons of Connection

This framework will allow parents to purposefully and intentionally interact with their kids while keeping their desired outcome in mind. The 5 Seasons of Connection for Parents will be published in 2018. Stay tuned for more details as the process continues! As well, tune into the MamaConnects podcast launching late May 2018 to hear more about the seasons of parenting.