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011 – 5 Seasons: Summer

Ah, the sweet happiness of long, loving, warm days! This is the season we strive for with our kids to feel the love and connection in all that we do!

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010 – 5 Seasons: Spring

Spring is the season coming out of Winter, thawing the frozen landscape. In your relationship with your children, Spring in The 5 Seasons of Connection is a time to build bridges back towards Summer, nurturing an environment where togetherness can bloom.

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009 – 5 Seasons: Winter

This is the season where many families find themselves disconnected from their children and living under a heaviness of unhappiness. In this introduction of Winter, we will learn about this season of your relationship and some ways you can navigate the cold, harsh time.

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008 – The 5 Seasons Intro

This podcast episode is the introduction to The 5 Seasons of Connection philosophy that I have created to stay in deep, loving connection with my children. In this episode, I will share the five seasons that we encounter in every interaction, and how we can navigate them best to meet the needs of our family members.

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007 – Mama2Mama and Food Allergies

In this episode, I share some history about our family’s adoption of a dairy-free diet for my youngest son, and I work with a Mama2Mama mom about her son’s dietary restrictions. In finding her way on her new path, this mom actually helps her own mother create a whole new business opportunity!

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006 – Mama2Mama and Traveling

Some mamas feel that they need to turn their backs on travel when the children start arriving, but Leanne has taken her kids to over 23 countries around the world and talks more about how to set expectations and priorities to make your family vacations truly memorable.

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005 – Mama2Mama and Mom Rage

Today we are dipping our toe into two more Mama2Mama stories with lovely women named Erica and Janelle. They both started off saying many of the things I said when I felt ashamed I wasn’t being a good mom after my brain crash.

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004 – Mama2Mama and Mom Guilt

Today we are going to talk about mom guilt. This theme came up in almost all conversations when women over and over told me all the ways they were failing their kids. But, the fact that these women thought they were failing their kids, most certainly meant they weren’t! I’m going to share the stories of two mamas to dig a little deeper into this powerful and paralyzing epidemic.

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003 – Mama2Mama and Priyanka’s Lonliness

In 2017, I decided to help 50 women in 50 days with anything they needed. Priyanka desperately needed help navigating her new country and we talked about the most important things she needed to consider when looking to make friends.

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001 – My Brain Crash and My Why

This is a story about a time in my motherhood journey when everything changed. I moved from Ottawa, Canada to a suburb of Seattle, Washington in January 2006.  Before I had a chance to make any friends or meet any neighbors, my husband left on a week-long business...

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The 5 Seasons of Connection

This framework will allow parents to purposefully and intentionally interact with their kids while keeping their desired outcome in mind. The 5 Seasons of Connection for Parents will be published in 2018. Stay tuned for more details as the process continues! As well, tune into the MamaConnects podcast launching late May 2018 to hear more about the seasons of parenting.